Lemon Curd Cake & Lots of Thrifting!

 Today my friend Rea and I took a relaxing trip to the seaside town of Deal- if you're ever in east Kent, then take a day trip there. It has a gorgeous beach with a pier, a seafront ice-cream parlour and numerous shabby chic, independent shops. If you do venture over for an evening, there are two chic and very up-and-coming cocktail bars and a range of more homely pubs that do amazing pub grub! As Rea and I both adore thifting, we ventured into every one of the eight charity shops on the high street to hunt for vintage gems. We found a huge Oxfam bookshop which was decorated really lovely inside and we spent a chunk of time admiring their extensive collection of antiquarian books. There were some gorgeous traditional covers- I always think old books like these can bring so much character into a house. Luckily my Mum agrees and our house is full of them! I picked up this classic edition of The Great Gatsby, one of my all-time favourites, and I wish I'd bought it now, though I was sensibly thinking about my three copies at home!

Browsing the shop really got us peckish, so we headed to a quirky little tearoom called Harriet's. It is like a timewarp in there, in a charming way; with retro lampshades, figurines and enviable sets of patterned china. We drank our milkshake and rose lemonade and devoured our incredibly light and tasty slices of lemon curd cake as we listened to the gentle, jazzy tunes of Billie Holiday (we guessed). A highlight of the afternoon was meeting this gorgeous doggy named Delilah. I had to ask the owner what breed she was as she looked so like Gen I was convinced she was a labradoodle, but nope- an Old English Sheepdog! Her colouring was so unusual! She was so friendly and pleased to meet us; such a well-trained dog too as her owner runs an interiors shop and Delilah just sits in the doorway saying hi to everyone but without disappearing! Except, her owner told us, for when she sneaks next door into a cafe for biscuits!

Back to shopping...we popped into a fresh fruit and vegetable shop during the afternoon which really ignited an obsession for me with organic products! I feel like I just want to go on a health kick now (I'll still allow myself treats as I want to carry on baking on Sundays!) I bought half a cucumber, a lime and a packet of mint leaves to add to the apples we have at home and blend a green juice! I'm using Fleur De Force's 'mojito' recipe from her book The Glam Guide. I will post how it went after I've made it! As always, thanks for reading!

Love, Izzy


  1. What an adorable little tea shop!


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