The Genny Diaries: Doodle (& Retriever) Fun)!

I had the best fun tonight at the puppy field and I wanted to tell you all about it. I love to meet all my canine companions in the evenings; there's so many of us that it gets a bit much sometimes and I just don't know who to chase! I had a great run around with my best, best friend in the world tonight. Her name is Gracie and she's also a doodle, though her pet Barry trims her hair right down - not like my shaggy mess. She is really curly too with a big duster-like tail that she likes to swish right in my nose. A lot of people say me and Gracie look like twins which I like, but she is a tiny bit older than me. Gracie is the sweetest friend you will ever meet. She's normally very calm and sensible and I would trust her with my life! I think I bring out the mad side in her though as tonight she went loopy and rolled in so much mud that Barry will have to throw her in the bath. Unlucky Gracie! Her golden coat had turned brown by the end of our play. The other doggy in the photos is Jasper, a golden retriever. Everyone admires Jasper for his sleek coat and maturity; he is very respected among us pups. He was also happy to run around and play today, though he kept jumping on and boxing with Gracie which made me think three can be a crowd sometimes! I'm sure he fancies her but Gracie's all about girl power. More of my best dog friends include Millie, a grey doodle- who's a year older than me and very kind but she likes to stay out of rough play, Monty, another doodle (we're so popular nowadays) who is absolutely mental, more nuts than me, and Luna, a poodle with the coolest hairdo going. I hope you've liked hearing about my friends! I'm exhausted tonight and have enjoyed sleeping on Dad's feet. Hang on, I definitely just heard the sound of the biscuit tin...gotta go...

Love, Gen


  1. i really love your blog, and that's why i nominated you for a versatile blogger award here

    have a nice day xo

  2. Those Golden Doodles are so precious! It looks like they are having the time of their lives!


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