Sunday Stories: Pt.6 (Mini Victoria Sponges & A Fond Farewell!)

These last few days have been pretty chilled: exactly what I wanted as recently I've been shattered, plus I'm on antibiotics. Saying that, as I list all I've been up to, it still sounds like a lot! Matt wasn't around much this weekend (he's gone to watch a live football game!) so we took the time to pop for a hot drink after school on Thursday. I am loving Sandwich more and more; it seems to be gaining a lot more independent eateries and shops, like this French based one named Smoke On The Water, which me and my Mum have loved for a while.

It was also my little sis's final weekend before she goes off to sail the Caribbean sea for six months on a Disney ship! She's training to become a cruise liner deck officer which is amazing in itself, but what's also exciting is that when she's qualified we as her family will get free entry to the Disney parks! Hurray for still loving Disney at (almost) 22! As a little farewell, Immy and I treated our parents to a Wagamama lunch on Saturday - my Dad was seriously impressed and ate everyone's left overs! Since his recovery he literally hasn't stopped eating. My fail-safe option at Wagas is the Katsu curry but I fancied a small change on Saturday. I had my usual sticky rice but with sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash breadcrumbed parcels rather than having chicken. They were so yummy- I am definitely considering slowly removing meat from my diet. After our lunch we did a bit of shopping in the cathedral city of Canterbury. I introduced Immy to Lush and she was pretty fascinated though moaned that it made her hungry as everything looks like chocolate or macaroons! I picked up a 'The Kiss' Lip scrub for one of my bestie's birthday (I'm sure she won't read this!) It smells gorgeous and I used the tester to see how it is on and it tasted like little sugar crystals. I'm actually really jealous as I want one for me but I think I'll wait and see if I get any birthday money so I don't feel guilty spending! 

I bought several new hair products to give my hair a real pamper tonight- another special edition Alberto Balsam conditioner (pink grapefruit, yum), a lemon and honey blonde enhancing shampoo, a Madagascan oil hair repair mask and an Argan oil heat repair spray. I can't wait to have a bubble bath and slather the mask on while I read my latest book- Paper Towns by John Green! Today has been spent tidying my room and just generally chilling. My Dad popped into the loft and found two huge Polly Pockets that me and Immy used to adore playing with. That was fun seeing how they worked again and reminicising. On a more boring note, I'm having to do Maths revision constantly at the moment for my professional skills test. I have to pass this to get onto my English teaching course which I find a bit frustrating as I've never been too good at Maths... Obviously I'm a reading and writing girl, hence my degree! I've got two more weeks to practise and fingers crossed I'll be okay. 
A highlight of this weekend was making these delicious miniature Victoria sponge cakes- I was proud as they turned out to be one of my best bakes so far. I topped them with these adorable sugar papers Mum bought for Immy that say 'Bon Voyage' and aptly have boats on! This recipe is really simple: I went for the classic 4oz of everything (flour, unsalted butter and caster sugar) and one egg combination to make the sponges. At first I thought they'd be too tiny to fit the raspberry jam and cream in but they turned out perfect, if very sickly! I nibbled on one of these by the fireside, complete with a kitty on my lap as we watched The Labyrinth. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend- it's an eighties fantasy film starring David Bowie (weird crush alert) and Jennifer Connelly. It's super quirky but in a fascinating way and I guarantee you'll find the soundtrack really catchy.  

How did you spend your weekend? xox


  1. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!


  2. Those miniature Victoria Sponge cakes are adorable - they are one of my favourite cakes to make and eat (especially because my name is Victoria!).

  3. The Labyrinth is one of my favourite films, such a brilliant (and bonkers) storyline plus Bowie isn't that bad to look at either ;-) xx


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