The Retro Reading Room by Oliver Bonas

Le Cocktail Chair £425 // Geo Brights Yellow Frame £12 // Alphabet Mug £10 // Newgate Pantry Clock £30 //Decorative Storage Suitcase Neon Pink £30 // Old Bag Tea Bag Tidy £6 // Deliciously Ella Book £20 // Curve Vase £22

Today I fancied a bit of virtual shopping and interior design uisng Oliver Bonas' classy spring offerings. Oliver Bonas has a very set style; it's pretty modern, and funky, with that touch of mad sixties glamour. I prefer old furnishings generally and painted-up, vintage auction furniture will no doubt fill my house when I get one (!), but I can't deny the magnetic pull a clean, fresh spin creates sometimes. I picked these bits out thinking they would fill a super cute corner in a house, or literally create a reading room, if you have a large cupboard sized room you want to make the most of. I've always loved the idea of a reading room in a home. When I was growing up, I dreamed of being Belle in Beauty and the Beast, when she's got the privilege of sliding on a ladder around that stunning castle library.
I adore the print of this chair- it reminds me of the 90's style in the film Clueless (glam kitch) and it looks so comfy. You would only need a little space for these pieces- add a coffee table or side stool next to the armchair to seat your essential cup of tea (how sweet/funny is this teabag tidy?!) and this simple glass vase and quirky frame. The suitcase could tuck under the chair to house your reading material, and the clock would adorn any spare wall space! I've included this hardback by blogger and rare illness sufferer Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella. I've heard amazing things about this girl and from delving into her blog posts, I've clocked an array of wonderful recipes based around her whole foods, plant based, chemical and additive free diet. Her sweet potato brownies in particular are a huge Instagram hit and as a lover of sweet potatoes, I'm dying to make my own soon! The book looks such a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds, if you get your cooking act on! //


  1. Such a unique little blog you've got here! I'm in love with it already and I've only just stumbled across it. Looking forward to reading future posts!
    Eilidh xx

  2. I would love to set up my own reading room! Or at least a reading nook!


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