My Audrey Memorabilia

It's no secret that I love Audrey Hepburn so much; she is my top female inspiration (alongside Jen Aniston as a modern lady). My Nanny loved her too and I now have my Nan's special Audrey movie boxset. The films in there are: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Funny Face, Sabrina, Roman Holiday and Paris When It Sizzles. My Nan's favourite was Roman Holiday, which I really enjoyed, but I'm not so keen on Gregory Peck! I love the charm of the two films set in Paris and I like Humphrey Bogart as an actor (go enjoy Casablanca if you haven't!) Watching Audrey come alive on screen apposed to just admiring photographs of her is fascinating.

As well as coveting the boxset, I have two coffee table books on Audrey, which I love to flick through to pick out my favourite moments of her life. She was so photogenic; I don't think I've ever seen a bad photograph of her. I love how she looks different in almost every picture- her face was so natural in that it would hold so many smiles, laughs and expressions. You know when a celebrity seems to have a trademark smile? I don't think Audrey had that. I don't think she really cared how the public percieved her appearance; she was all about being funny, polite, graceful- an inspiration- and taking selfless action for her beliefs. As a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, she strived to bring hope and love to impoverished children. Her personality and the way she carried herself is infectious still. I was really pleased at school the other day to hear a thirteen year old girl say she idolised Audrey. She actually inspired me to get this gorgeous iPhone case. I noticed she had a lovely one with a scene from an Audrey film on and I felt a need to buy my own! This case is from eBay (from China!) and I have another one from there which is a landscape monochrome shot from Breakfast at Tiffany's.The prices are ridiculously good (this bubblegum bubble one was £3) and the cases are great quality; very sturdy and they don't show scratches for a while if you're careful! Plus there's a wide choice of Audrey embellished versions.

As well as possessing a remarkable inner beauty, there's no doubt that Audrey ruled in the style stakes; effortlessly it seems. From her figure-flattering LBD's, her love for tailoring and her classic, shiny fringe, to her ballerina flats, strings of pearls and heaps of practicality, her sartorial choices influence me whenever I'm having an identity crisis through my wardrobe. I like to think she will always be remembered and her amazing charity work and outlook on humanity celebrated. And that's why I will continue to add to my Audrey memorabilia.


  1. I love Audrey - that phone cover is amazing!


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